Startup Forum Tokyo Kicked Off! (2012.Aug.29)

作成者:村田 聡一郎投稿日:2012年9月6日

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(Japanese version)

SAP Startup Forum Tokyo was successfully held on Wednesday August 29. I would like to share the atmosphere.

31 participants represented 20 startups, plus guests including the keynote speaker Taizo Son(CEO, Movida Japan), a venture capital, Amazon Web Service personnel, and SAP participants. Almost 50 innovators filled the room.

Mr. Son delivered a fantastic and enthusiastic keynote.

Then SAP presented HANA use cases globally, as well as our passion toward the Startup Focus Program.

And 5 startups presented their own products, passion and innovation.
From SAP, Wataru Baba, Head of Real Time Computing, presented why SAP is so serious about co-working with startups. There are three points: it has significant impact on the startups, on SAP customers, and on SAP itself.

Well, I would rather let the participants speak out in their words! Here are the comments from 6 participants. (Translated by author)


MATSUKI, Yoshiya
President, AEMC Japan Co.Ltd.

“Walkman brought the world with portable music.” Then what world HANA will bring? The new wolrd with mobilized, “small” bigdata?

It is really exciting, and I want to stay at the edge of it.


Producer, Bascule Inc.

I’ve seen SAP logo at airports and formula one races, but I never thought SAP, an “enterprise” business giant, come to us, an ad/creative startup, with HANA, in this social media and bigdata era. I feel opportunities of innovative synergy.

Keep the excitement of SAP Startup Forum Tokyo and let’s create new businesses!


YOKOTA, Satoshi
CEO, Classmethod Inc.

I was really thrilled at the SAP Startup Forum Tokyo!

Real startup stories by Taizo Son, innovation by Design Thiking, usecases of SAP HANA.
I felt the real time data processing with in-memory technology, along with mobile, devices, cloud, bigdata and social, will be the keywords to overcome social issues.

Immediately after the forum I tried a HANA instance on Amazon Web Service EC2, which was quite easy to set up, easy to manageme with the tool, easy to develop with ANSI92-compliant SQL, easy to read Japanese language interface, in addition to the super-fast speed!

Overall it is exciting quality – I would love to bring HANA into our existing projects!

Yokota-san’s blog post about his experience with SAP HANA on AWS  (Japanese only)


FUJINO, Masato
CEO, Fairy Devices Inc.

I knew the world of IT is broad. But I never dreamt the world of SAP was so different from the wolrd of open source software I’m familiar. But the world of SAP is definitly amazing, and with SAP HANA, these two different worlds are going to converge.

Quantity turns into quality.

A weather forecast app, senses the rainfall up sky and let you know before the first drop reaches to the ground?
A navigation app, directs me if I should run and jump in to the train to make the appointment?
The wolrd of real time has just got started. Let’s enjoy!


HIRANO, Masahiko
Director, Numerical Technologies Incorporated

Yes I thought “SAP = ERP”. So I wondered “is SAP really serious about such program?” And I was even more surprised that this is not SAP Japan’s innovative initiative but the global program of SAP. In the Tokyo Forum, everybody is talking about “innovation.” I was really inspired, too.

SAP said they want to “Sink deep into my heart.”

I’m really looking foward to co-work with SAP at marketing and innovation – at financial institutions worldwide.
“Because its purpose is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two basic functions: marketing and innovation.” by Peter F. Drucker


CEO & Creative Director, SITE4D Inc.

To create powerful and expressive software, we’ve been looking for super-fast database like SAP HANA.

That’s why I joined SAP Startup Forum Tokyo to develop our new products and expand our challenges to the global field.

It was exciting event – through every session I felt the opportunity of new creative innovation will come from Japan.


Thank you all! And let’s change the world together!

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